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​   Mandarin    小学中文

Lesson PowerPoints

Please click the links below to access all Lesson PowerPoints across the Key Stages:


Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

​Sample Posters for the Mandarin Classroom

Sample MFL Policy Documents

It is now a requirement for primary schools to provide Ofsted with a "triple I document" (Statement of Intent, Implementation and Impact), please find a sample below:

Please find below a sample MFL policy document for Mandarin below:

Schemes of Work

The schemes of work provided below are based on a model of 30 minutes of teaching time per week.

​Long Term Plan (LTP)

​Medium Term Plan (MTP)

​Click here for a copy of example MTPs for Key Stage 2.

Download the document to the right for a template version.

Scheme of Work

Download a full KS2 scheme of work here. Click here for KS1.

Download the document to the right for a template version.

Employing a Chinese Language Assistant (CLA)

Click the link below to learn all about the British Council Language Assistants Scheme and how you can procure a Chinese Language Assistant to deliver cost-friendly Mandarin sessions at your school:

Note: We are not official partners of the British Council, whom hold full jurisdiction of the Chinese Language Assistants programme. Our only role is to support you as a school in offering subject specific training and professional development to the assistants to help fulfil quality teaching delivery within the classroom using the resources we have provided.

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