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Teaching Mandarin through Chinese Films & TV Shows

Visitors to our website may have noticed that we have just added links to our video resources to recommendations of Chinese films and TV shows for your students to watch.

You may look at these links and think “哇!太难了!” (whoa! too hard!"), particularly for younger viewers, but it is important to be open minded and creative about how they can be adapted for your learners. This is even more important considering that the new GCSE specification requires students to be able to understand authentic sources, so it is better to expose students to such material sooner rather than later.

Lastly, be careful of the age rating of the films you are showing to students! This can sometimes be difficult to judge so make sure to look online and check before considering showing the film or TV show you have selected for your students.

Further to the links of the lists given, here are some of our personal favourites, though as just said, not all are age appropriate, so be careful of your choice! For any teachers who are looking to brush up on their Mandarin or looking for some inspiration, these films and TV shows are great to watch when relaxing on a weekend.


1. The Farewell (currently in cinemas)

2. Shaolin Soccer

3. Kung Fu Hustle

4. Lost on Journey

5. American Dreams in China

6. Finding Mr. Right

7. Ip Man 1, 2, 3 and 4!

8. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

9. No Man's Land

10. Love For Life

TV Shows

1. Doraemon

2. Crayon Shin-Chan

3. Meteor Garden

4. Modern Family

5. Pokemon

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