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Recommended Summer Reading for Teachers: Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction 教师暑期阅读最佳推荐:罗兴祥教学原理

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

If you have not heard of Barack Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction, then come out of the woods! This is basically what is shaping the future landscape of teaching in the UK and Daniel Muijs, Head of Research at Ofsted is a massive expect it to be incorporated as part of Ofsted appraisals and your own performance appraisal as a teacher in school.


Teachers, as well as pupils, are lifelong learners. As important as it is to take a break (and definitely do take a break!), it is also essential that we keep ourselves abreast of the most up to date practices and theories in education. If you do not read anything else, then at least read this, it is only 10 pages long and could have a long-lasting positive influence on your teaching. To read about how the principles work in practice in a UK context, "Rosenshine's Principles in Action" by Tom Sherrington is also well worth a read...again only 50 pages long - you can do it!

老师,包括学生,都活到老学到老。我们都知道劳逸结合对身心健康非常重要,但与时俱进同样重要。如果你不爱阅读,至少腾出时间看此篇文章。此文章只有10页,但这10页对你的以后的教学而言一定会有好的影响。若想知道这些原理在英国的教室里如何运用的话,那就读托马斯•谢灵顿的“Rosenshine's Principles in Action”这本书。此本也很短,只有50多页…加油!

These blogs are written by our Centre Director, sometimes in both Chinese and English to ensure his blog reaches as wide an audience as possible and to practice his Chinese! As you can see his Chinese isn't perfect, so feel free to use his articles as a learning tool for your students. Any comments are welcome as are corrections and feedback too!


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