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Episode 6 - Chinese in Teaching in Primary Schools //  小学中文

The guest for our 6th episode was Cara Bleiman, who is the Primary Mandarin Project Coordinator for the Harris Federation in London. Cara started her career as a Primary School Teacher, before becoming a Mandarin Primary Specialist Teacher making use of her Chinese skills acquired after graduating with a degree in music at the University of Oxford. Cara now oversees Mandarin being taught to over 3000 primary pupils across London.


我们这一期播客的来宾是Cara Bleiman。Cara是伦敦Harris Federation小学汉语项目的负责人。 从牛津大学取得音乐学位之后,她成为一位小学老师。后来,Cara想充分发挥自己的汉语技能,于是她开始教授小学汉语。现在,她所管辖的众多伦敦小学已经有超过3000名学生在学中文。

Episode 5 - From Trainee Teacher to Senior Leader //  从新老师到发展中文部门

The guest for our 5th episode was a highly experienced assistant Headteacher and former Head of Mandarin, named Jen Buster. Jen is fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin and has overseen and developed the Mandarin department in her school to be one of the most successful in the country. She is a regular speaker at the UCL IOE CI Annual Chinese Teaching Conference and has always been a ‘rock’ to those new to the profession! 


我们这一期播客的来宾是Jen Buster。她是伦敦一所中学的一位副校长,也是中文部的前主任。由于Jen的领导,她的学校成为英国教授中文项目最成功的中学之一。Jen也是UCL大学IOE孔子学院年度全国中文教学年会的常任讲师,常常给新入职的老师们深刻的启发。除了中英文,她也精通广东话呢!

Episode 4 - Creative Chinese Teaching // 创意中文教学

The guest for this episode is a renowned Mandarin Chinese Educator and Transformational Coach named Thomas Godber. Thomas launched and runs the Creative Learning Centre at Brighton College, was an adviser to the Department of Education on Mandarin in UK schools and is a certified mindfulness teacher.


我们这一期的播客会采访一位英国知名的中文老师——Thomas Godber,高老师。Thomas是英国教育部中文项目的顾问,他在著名的布莱顿公学教授中文和英文两个科目,并在学校开创“创意学习中心”,担任中心的负责人。同时,他还是一位拥有丰富经验的正念认证导师。

Episode 3 - How to Keep Improving as a Chinese Teacher // 如何实现自我提升以及发展方向

The guest for this episode is an esteemed Chinese, French and Maths teacher based in London, named Jane Woo. Jane Woo is a native Mandarin and Cantonese speaker and has been teaching Mandarin, French and Mathematics since her NQT year. She was trained in the psychology domain for her Bachelor’s degree, followed by professional teacher training at UCL IOE. Since her PGCE Jane has taken an evidence-based approach in her teaching by conducting small-scale research projects with her learners. Her particular interest lies in the teaching and learning of Chinese characters and effective assessment. Jane was awarded Outstanding Teacher of the Year Silver award by Pearson in 2018.

欢迎收听播客“中文老师在英国”的第三集。我们这一集采访了一名非常优秀的老师叫Jane Woo。Jane老师是普通话和广东话母语者,除了中文,她也在学校里教授法语和数学。Jane大学本科主修心理学,之后在UCL IOE取得英国教师资格。自PGCE教师资格培训以来,Jane和她的学生做了多个证据导向的教学研究,主要探讨汉字学习和有效的评估方法。因为她卓越的教学成就,2018年,Jane获得培生杰出新教师奖。

Episode 2 - How to Use Technology to Teach Chinese //如何用科技教中文

We were delighted to receive the UK’s most well-known MFL technology consultant Joe Dale as our guest for this episode. Joe Dale is an independent languages consultant from the UK and former languages teacher with 13 years of classroom experience. He works with a range of organisations including The Association for Language Learning, The British Council, the BBC, Skype, Microsoft and The Guardian. Joe is also a regular conference speaker and recognised expert on technology and language learning. He has run training courses and spoken at conferences all over the world and is in demand now more than ever due to the great need for teachers to enhance their IT skills as schools have become increasingly dependent on blended learning as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

欢迎收听播客“中文老师在英国”的第二集。这一集,我们采访了一位英国外语教学界非常有名的科技专家 Joe Dale。Joe是一名语言教学科技顾问,他拥有13年的教学经验。他目前和多个教学机构合作,其中包括“语言学习协会”、“英国文化教育协会”, BBC,微软和卫报。同时,他也定期在全球各大教育相关年会担任讲师,也从事教师训练,分享关于语言学习和科技的应用。近年来由于科技越来越受重视,科技教育、网上和混合学习的需求也日益增加,Joe也因此非常炙手可热。

Episode 1 - Why Do a Podcast About Chinese Teaching? //我们为什么做中文教学播客?

Welcome to our 1st episode of the UK Chinese Teachers podcast sponsored by the Swire Chinese Language Centre Oxford.


This podcast is for teachers of Chinese to foreign language learners, where we begin from our context here in the UK. This podcast is brought to you in both Chinese and English in discussing recent topics in Mandarin Chinese Education. Each week we will have a guest on the show but this week as its the first, we thought we’d introduce our hosts for you to know a bit more about us.



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