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Welcome to Our Page of Digital Resources!

This page contains a selected range of websites and apps that we use most regularly in the classroom. We would love to hear what you find works best for you. Contact us and let us know!

How to Type in Chinese

We found the most efficient option for teaching students how to do this is to ask them to follow a YouTube tutorial for them to do it themselves at home and for them to complete a homework task to show they have done it. This of course is best if it follows a quick demonstration in class to give context when teaching students the pinyin system - in other words, if students do not know pinyin, they will be unable to type Chinese characters easily.


You can show students how to find the tutorial for the device that they normally use. For example, if they simply type in the search box 'how to type in Chinese' a number of options will automatically come up before they click 'search', as below:

屏幕快照 2020-03-24 09.57.31.png

If students are unable to type in Chinese on their computer or mobile device using these methods, then you can simply refer them to this website, where they can type Chinese characters online without need of installing the Chinese character input method.


Quizlet is a popular tool for students to practice their vocabulary knowledge.

Trial the games "Match" and "Spell" and see how your students get on!


For more ready-made vocabulary sets and other activities, visit our Quizlet account page here.

We also highly recommend that you play Quizlet Live with your students. Not only is it a great way for them to review what they have learned, it is also really fun too! Please follow this link for a guide on how it works.


This is a fantastic website for making fun games and activities for students in your class. Check out some sample games we made on this website for our students below!

quizziz logo.png
屏幕截图 2019-09-06 11.16.45.png

Quizziz is like Kahoot! and Quizlet Live (see the image below) but the difference being that you can track student progress by importing your class name list via Google Classroom. Feel free to try it out by clicking a link to a quiz on the website here.

What is very helpful about Quizziz in particular is that you can record audio as part of the quiz questions as can be seen below. Try out a listening quiz we created here.




Another really good feature is that you can set a quiz for students as homework and set a deadline for completion as can be seen below. Students do not need to have a username or password either, they simply type their name and off they go!

屏幕截图 2019-09-06 11.15.31.png

This website offers a large variety of fun games and activities you can make for your students. Try a few samples we made below!

Gimkit is a relatively new website for gamified learning that has become really popular with students. Not only do they find it addictive, it is also easy to import flashcards from Quizlet. Watch this quick tutorial to find out how:

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