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This page contains resources for helping teachers to prepare students for assessments and qualifications in Mandarin Chinese, including past papers.
We often encourage students and schools to aim to take a variety of internationally accredited qualifications as they progress through their learning journey to ratify their knowledge and give them meaningful academic goals to work towards.
As can be seen in the graphic below, the YCTHSK curricula is able to work in tandem with the GCSE and A-Level curricula enabling a pathway of learning to be formed throughout their time in education.
Bespoke Assessments
Year 7
Revision Guide Template
Year 8
Revision Guide Template
Year 9
Revision Guide Template
Year 10
Revision Guide Template
​Year 11
Revision Guide Template
Sample Student Study Pack
Vocabulary List
​Past Papers
For Edexcel, click here
For AQA, click here
​Pre-U / A-Level
Study Guide (coming soon!)
​Past Papers (A-Level)
Past Papers (Pre-U)
For Pre-U, click here
For A-Level, click here

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